Dr. Madsen speaks and facilitates programs/gatherings within her own state, the U.S, and beyond. As a full-time professor and scholar, as well as directing initiatives and serving on boards, her schedule fills up quickly with commitments. However, she loves to inform, motivate, and inspire girls and women—and those creating programs or structures that will positively influence them—so she carefully considers all requests (paid and pro bono). She also does some executive coaching using The Leadership Profile, which is an in-depth 360 degree assessment, a leadership model and a powerful tool for designing individual development strategies.


  • Exploring the Status of Women and Leadership
  • Learning from the Experiences of Top Women Leaders
  • On Becoming a Woman Leader
  • Updates on the Latest Research
  • Why We Need More Women Leaders
  • Expanding Self-Awareness and Understanding
  • Exploring Yourself through the Leadership Circle Profile
  • Finding Identity, Purpose, and Calling
  • Raising Women’ s Ambitions and Aspirations
  • Strengthening Your Confidence
  • Taking Risks and Finding Courage
  • Understanding Your Strengths
  • Building Resiliency
  • Enhancing Creative and Strategic Thinking
  • Expanding Your Reflection Abilities
  • Exploring Women’ s Negative Interactions with Each Other
  • Increasing Wholeness and Wellness
  • Leading Change for Women
  • Receiving and Giving Feedback
  • Responding Effectively to Change—Adaptability
  • Strengthening Communication Skills and Abilities
  • Understanding Women’ s Self Promotion Dilemmas
  • Creating Equality in Organizations
  • Creating Mentoring and Sponsorship Initiatives
  • Strengthening Developmental Relationships and Activities for Women
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias



Large Breakout Sessions


Leadership Development Programs

Executive Coaching

Utah Women's Leadership Series sponsored by the Woodbury School of Business was held in the UCCU Center on the Utah Valley University Campus in Orem Wednesday, March 18, 2015. (Jay Drowns, UVU Marketing)



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Within the state of Utah, the Utah Women & Leadership Project tracks the events and programs that Dr. Madsen hosts, as well as events from all women’s networks, groups, and organizations within the state. Many of these have no cost.